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Bürkert Werke GmbH
Global Marketing

Christian-Bürkert-Straße 13-17
74653 Ingelfingen
Phone+49 7940 10-0
Fax+49 7940 10-91204

Sensors, Transmitter, displaying devices for the process industry: pH, Conductivity, Redox potential, Flow, Level, Temperature, Pressure. Devices for Automation like controllers. Actuators: Solenoid valves, electromagnetic proportional valves, process valves, control valves, positioners, electro pneumatic control units, pneumatic and electric drives for prcocess valves, pneumatic for valves, mass flow controller. Customer specific solutions for automation.

Product range

S.01.01.14 Level – measuring error < 0.5 %

S.01.01.15 Level – measuring error ≥ 0.5 %

S.01.01.16 Float Switch

S.01.01.19 Volume

S.01.02.04 Pressure, absolute

S.01.02.06 Pressure (gauge) – measuring error ≥ 0.1 %

S.01.03.16 Flow

S.01.03.17 Mass flow

S.01.03.18 Volume flow in gases

S.01.03.19 Volume flow in liquids

S.01.03.20 Flow velocity

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

S.02.46 SAW sensor

S.03.44.05 Electromagnetic actuator

S.03.44.14 Micropump

S.03.44.15 Microvalve

D. Fluidic application