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DIAS Infrared GmbH

Pforzheimer Str. 21
01189 Dresden
Phone+49 351 896 74-0
Fax+49 351 896 74-99

Development, manufacturing and sales of industrial non-contact temperature measurement technology: uncooled fixed infrared cameras PYROVIEW, infrared line cameras PYROLINE, pyrometer PYROSPOT, complete infrared system solutions for early fire detection, portable infrared cameras, calibration sources, pyroelectric sensors. Calibration and R & D services.

Product range

M.08.17 Infrared system

S.02.20 Pyroelectric sensing element

S.01.04.03 Temperature distribution

S.01.06.15 Infrared, IR measurement

M.07.17 Calibrator and calibrator accessories

S.01.04.02 Temperature, contactless