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Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Inst. für industrielle Informationstechnik (inIT)

Langenbruch 6
32657 Lemgo
Phone+49 5261 702-2408
Fax+49 5261 702-2407

The research institute inIT is one of the leading institutions in the area of industrial IT and process-based computer engineering in Germany. The main focus is on industrial Real-time Communication, industrial Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Information Fusion, distributed Real-time Software and Artificial Intelligence.

Product range

D. Haptic parameter

D.01.04.06 System development embedded system

D.03.02.18 Quality testing, quality assurance

D. Image processing parameter

D. Fieldbus technology, wireless, embedded controller, FPGA

D.01.04.07 System development wireless sensor network

D.01.03.04 Digital simulation

D.01.03.05 System simulation

D. Medical parameter

D.01.04.10 Assembly and packaging for medical technology

D. Acoustical parameter

D.04.11 Engineering services

D.03.02.17 EMC testing service, EMC consulting

D.04.04 Automation system design

D.04.15 Technology consulting

D. FPGA design

D.01.03.08 HiL Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation

D.01.03.06 Performance verification & reliability analysis

D. Signal processing and algorithm