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10 avenue de l’Europe
31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne
Phone+33 534 320386
Fax+33 956 357704

Nanolike is an innovative company specialized in nanoparticle-based devices. The main application is the manufacturing of highly sensitive sensors with a large deformation range and an extremely low electrical consumption bound for industrial, aerospatial, defence and automobile industry. The German market is our widest and most interesting target.

Product range

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

D.02.01 Strain gauge technology

S.01.02.19 Torque

S.01.02.01 Force, load

S.02.03 Resistive sensor element

S.02.01 Strain gauges, in general

S.02.08 Measurement potentiometer

S.01.02.03 Stress, strain, elongation

S.02.07 Thermoresistor