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NORIS Automation GmbH

Muggenhofer Straße 95
90429 Nürnberg
Phone+49 911 3201-0
Fax+49 911 3201-150

Since 1925 NORIS has been one of the leading specialists in the fields of instrumentation and automation and develops, produces and sells customer-specific products and solutions both as one-off items and in series. The product range includes speed sensors, temperature sensors, acceleration sensors, combi-sensors, pressure transducers, rotation angle pick-ups, control devices, analogue indicators, customer-specific sensor combinations – designed for extreme rugged environmental conditions.

Product range

S.01.01.30 Magnetic switch, cog sensor

S.01.02.04 Pressure, absolute

S.01.02.06 Pressure (gauge) – measuring error ≥ 0.1 %

S.01.03.02 Wavelength, frequency

S.01.03.08 Pulse counting, event counting

S.01.03.09 Rotational speed (r.p.m)

S.01.03.10 Angular momentum

S.01.03.11 Rotational direction

S.01.03.14 Acceleration, shock

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

S.02.07 Thermoresistor

S.02.08 Measurement potentiometer

S.02.09 Inductive sensing element

S.02.14 Hall sensing element

S.02.16 Hall switch

S.02.21 Thermocouple

M.04.02 Mechanical parameter

M.04.04 Thermal and caloric parameter

M.04.06 Optical parameter

M.05.04.01 Thermocouple

M.05.04.02 Resitance thermometer

M.05.04.05 Pressure in gas/liquid

M.05.04.08 Potentiometer

D.04.05 Service/maintenace

D.04.12 Project planning