AMA Conferences

The SENSOR and IRS² conferences are renown as international networking platforms for sensor and measuring technology. The biannual conferences offer first-rate scientific presentations by international specialists from research and development. The latest research results from the various disciplines provide the international visitor with the opportunity for a concentrated exchange of ideas and expertise.

The SENSOR Conference, chaired by Professors Reinhard Lerch (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) focuses on mechanical sensors, flow, wireless, gas, and bio-sensors. Besides the sensor elements themselves, the relevant measuring technology, including electronics, signal conditioning and evaluation, as well as modeling, are also dealt with.

The IRS² Conference, chaired by Professor Gerald Gerlach (Technical University of TU Dresden), is dedicated to infrared sensors and measuring systems, a field with a remarkable dynamic development. Improved characteristics and low-cost production of these sensors enable new developments, for instance in industrial automation, building technology, and household appliances, as well as for increased user safety.

A poster session in the AMA Conference Center provides additional, interdisciplinary approaches to the research topics.

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