AMA Innovation Award 2018: Association Nominates Four Teams

This year, 35 research and development teams from Germany and abroad contended for the renown AMA Innovation Award. The 10,000-euro award can also be split by the jury. The jury comprises representatives from science and industry. In their evaluation, the jurors place special emphasis on the degree of innovation, the originality of the solution, and the market relevance of the submitted R&D projects.

Nominations for the AMA Innovation Award 2018


Nominated for the AMA Innovation Award 2018 (in alphabetical order):


Bosch BME680, First Miniaturized Chemical Gas Sensor


Dr. Richard Fix, Dr. Thomas Block, Dr. Herbert Verhoeven, Dr. Tarek Zaki, Dr. Patrick Sonstroem, Dr. Andreas Menzel, Dr. Frank Rettig, Dr. Stefan Zehringer, Dr. Isolde Simon, Dr. Pascal Gieschke, Dr. Tobias Frey, Aibin Paul Lazar, Dr. Christoph Brueser, Alexandros Ninos, Thomas Claus, Lu Ye, Dr. Michael Knauss, Jonathan Balewski, Bassem Baffoun, Jochen Eitel, Dr. Uwe Bolz, (Bosch Sensortec GmbH, Reutlingen) 


The Bosch BME680 is worldwide the first integrated 4-in-1 sensor module with a MEMS gas sensor. A new measuring parameter was developed for CE & IoT applications. The basis for the innovation were the high requirements in the CE & IoT market as opposed to the state of the art, especially in regard to system intelligence, device size, power consumption, reliability, as well as industrialization and scalability in production volume. (brochure, p. 7)


Coriolis Flow Meter – Promass Q with Multi-Frequency Technology


Dr. Hao Zhu, Dr. Alfred Rieder, Gerhard Eckert, Ennio Bitto, Dr. Wolfgang Drahm, Dr. Martin Anklin (Endress + Hauser Flowtec AG, Reinach)


Multifrequency technology (MFT) expands the application spectrum of Coriolis flow meters to include currents with gas inclusions. This MFT determines mass currents and density for two different vibration frequencies of the measuring tubes and compensates interference of measuring results by bubble currents. (brochure, p. 6)


Siloxane-Resistant Multipixel-Gas Sensor


Dr. Johannes Bühler, Dr. Matthias Merz, Dr. Roman Pavelko, Pernilla Andersson, Dr. Mirjana Banjevic, Dr. Cyrill Kuemin, Dr. Werner Hunziker, Dr. Felix Hoehne (Sensirion AG, Stäfa)


With the SGP multipixel gas sensor, Sensirion brings multiple key innovations to market. The core technology of the ‘SGP-MOXSens® makes the sensor extremely resistant to contamination by siloxane and thus enables long-term stability and accuracy, as has never before been possible. (brochure, p. 7)


Thermometer with Automatic In-Situ Calibration Function During the Process


Harald Bründl, Torsten Iselt, Michael Korn, Christian Peuker, Christian Stöger, Alfred Umkehrer, Michael Völkl, Dr. Pavo Vrodljak, Peter Wiedemann (Endress+Hauser Wetzer GmbH + Co KG, Nesselwang); Patrick Grob, Jiri Holoubek, Fredy Klammsteiner, Dr. Jiri Polak, Dr. Florian Krogmann (Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Ebnat-Kappeln); Dr. Marc Schalles, Michael Pufke (Technische Universität Ilmenau)


The itherm TrustSens TM37x is a thermometer with an automatic calibration function. Integrated in its measuring head is a ferro-electric reference element with a known Curie temperature, parallel to the resistor sensor. (brochure, p. 6)


Special Award for Young Enterprises 


In the special category Young Enterprises, startups can compete that have not been on the market over five years, have less than 50 employees, and an annual turnover of less than 10 million euros. The winners of the special award get a trade-fair stand at the SENSOR+TEST 2018 free of charge. This year, three developer teams in this category convinced the jury.


One Special Award goes to the developer team of Dr. Matthäus Langosch (CeLaGo Sensors GmbH, Saarbrücken, und Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes), for the development of a thinfilm strain gauge. It enables manufacturers to apply sensitive, low-energy, and robust sensor systems for flexible, highly sensitive, application-specific strain gauges.


The developer team of Houssam El Moutaouakil (SENVISYS, Saarbrucken) is to receive a Special Award for “efficiently securing a railroad level crossing by means of vibration analysis.” Supported by artificial intelligence, the vibration sensor system provides an efficient, wireless railroad level crossing. 


Theresa Ebeling’s team (HygNova GmbH, Berlin) is also to receive a trade-fair stand free of charge in the special category for the development of the HygNova Advance. This device helps medical institutions to reduce hospital infections by increasing the hand disinfection rate.


“We were again very glad this year to see the many, high-quality projects submitted by the contenders for the AMA Innovation Award as well as those for the Young Enterprise category. Especially the three startups outdistanced the rest of the field in this category. Therefore, we are inviting three teams for the first time to a free-of-charge trade-fair stand at the SENSOR+TEST 2018,” says Professor Andreas Schütze, the jury chair from the University of Saarland. “The four nominated teams for the AMA Innovation Award 2018 show the plethora of developments and solutions in which innovative sensor and measuring technology set the pace for technical advance. Nevertheless, they also represent the current trends, especially for smartphones and the Internet of Things: Two nominated innovations are direct competitors in this highly dynamic market.”


The winners of the AMA Innovation Award 2018 will be made known at the opening ceremony of the SENSOR+TEST 2018 trade fair in Nuremberg.


An overview of all competitors and projects for the AMA Innovation Award 2018 

AMA Innovation Award 2018

AMA Innovation Award: Projects to be submitted until 23 January 2018


The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) is calling for submissions to the AMA Innovation Award 2018. Developer and research teams are asked to compete with innovative research and development projects in the area of sensor and measuring technology. The deadline for submissions is 23 January 2018.


The AMA Innovation Award is endowed with 10,000 euros for the developers themselves, not their institutes or enterprises. Individuals or developer teams may participate with projects that have clear market relevance. The AMA Association also provides the special Young Enterprise Award endowed with a trade-fair stand at the SENSOR+TEST 2018 free of charge. 


The renowned AMA Innovation Award has been presented for 18 years to innovative developers in sensors and measurement. The jury comprises representatives from universities, institutes, and enterprises. The jury members especially consider novel approaches, the general scientific achievement, as well as the project’s chances on the market.

Conditions for participation and submission forms for the AMA Innovation Award 2018 and the special category Young Enterprises