AMA Science Board

The AMA Science Board comprises a network of 70 committed representatives from scientific institutes of diverse universities and research facilities.


The AMA Science Board focuses on research and development, vocational and advanced training, AMA conferences and symposiums, as well as funding and support programs. The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement bestows the AMA Innovation Award every year for exceptional developments in sensor and measuring technology. The jury, primarily consisting of members of the AMA Science Board, has been awarding prizes for innovative and market-relevant projects in sensor and measuring technology since 1985.


The biannual SMSI conference is renown as international networking platforms for sensor and measuring technology. The scientific AMA Conferences SENSOR and IRS² were held for the last time in this form.


As of 2020, the AMA Conference will be integrated into the new conference “Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI).” Besides the previous pillars, SENSOR and IRS² (under the joint “Sensors and Instrumentation”), this conference also comprises the further scientific disciplines, “Measurement Science” and Meteorology Transfers.”