Sensors and Measurement: Turnover Is Up, Orders Incoming Rise


AMA Association Publishes Sensor Industry Statistics for 3rd Quarter  

The sensor and measuring industry recorded an increase of 1 percent in the third quarter of 2013, while orders incoming rose by approximately 3 percent. The sensor industry forecasts a growth in turnover of 4 percent for the year 2013.


Berlin, December 2013—The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 members every quarter on the economic development. The enterprises – mostly SMEs – had a good run in the first two quarters and were able to maintain a turnover of 1 percent in the third quarter (compared to the previous quarter).

A good indicator for the positive mood in the sensor industry is the growth in orders incoming of approximately 2.8 percent, compared to the previous quarter. “With such a quarterly result and an outlook for an annual total growth of 4 percent, we can consider this year’s end result as ‘good’,” says Thomas Simmons, AMA’s executive director.


If we compare the increase in orders incoming for sensors and measurement with the current statistics of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for the German industry of 1.6 percent in the third quarter, we can ascertain that the sensor and measuring industry, as the key branch for technical advance, is clearly ahead. “The positive development in orders incoming and the cumulative turnover of plus 4 percent for 2013, allow our member enterprises to start the new business year with optimism,” says Simmons, commenting on the sensor industry’s outlook for the year 2014.


Sensors and Measurement: Turnover Expectations Exceeded

AMA: Turnover Expectations Exceeded

AMA Association publishes sensor industry statistics for second quarter

Sensors and measurement showed an increase of four percent in the second quarter of 2013, a rise in orders incoming by 2.5 percent, the industry – largely composed of small and medium-sized enterprises – plans to continue increasing personnel.     

Berlin, October 2013—The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 members every quarter about the economic development. After a growth of five percent in the first quarter of 2013, the AMA members attained a further increase in the second quarter by over four percent, compared to the results of the previous quarter. 

The sensor industry’s good economic mood is reflected by a further rise in orders incoming of 2.5 percent compared to the results of the previous quarter. This in turn means a growing demand for skilled personnel. The AMA members are largely small and medium-sized enterprises and they are planning to hire twelve new engineers per 1,000 jobs.

“Such a good quarterly result has exceeded the expectations of our members for the second quarter,” says Thomas Simmons, the AMA’s executive director, talking about the industry’s poll results. “We’re confident that our industry will continue to grow. Looking at the global megatrends, such as the environment, an aging society, an information society, we see that it’s the application of sensor and measuring technology that enables intelligent solutions. The technological future will continue to be an exciting challenge for the sensor and measurement industry.” 

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Sensor industry statistics for the first quarter

Sensor and Measuring Technology: Turnover and Orders Incoming Up 

The sensor and measuring industry was able to show an increase in turnover and a significant boost in orders incoming for the first quarter of 2013. The sensor industry plans to further increase personnel. 

Berlin, June 2013—The AMA Association, as the representative of the sensor and measuring industry, polls its 480 members every quarter on the economic development. After an overall stable annual result for 2012, the sensor and measuring industry showed an increase of approximately five percent for the first quarter of 2013 compared to the result from the previous quarter.

A further indicator for the good economic mood in the sensor industry is the positive development of incoming orders. Up by a good ten percent from the previous quarter, this trend is a clear positive sign for the economic development in the sensor and measuring technology. Full order books call for the employment of further personnel in the sensor industry with its typically small and medium-sized enterprises. Planned are seven new engineers per 1,000 positions.

“The sensor and measuring industry is in good shape and looks forward optimistically to the current fiscal year because our member enterprises supply all branches of industry. That’s why many of our businesses can take advantage of the fact that if one sector stagnates, another grows and sometimes develops completely new markets.” Thus states Thomas Simmons, AMA Executive Manager, commenting on the current AMA statistics. “The challenges we’re facing today demand technical solutions – regardless of whether we’re talking about renewable energy, further development in automation, or networking of all objects in the ‘Internet of Things.’ The sensor and measuring technologies enable all the branches of industry to provide solution models – a good reason indeed for our industry to be optimistic.”

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) confirmed in mid-May an upward trend in the German economy for the first quarter and also reports an increase in orders incoming for industry and manufacture. According to the BMWi industrial orders had a considerable boost. They rose in March for the second time for the second time in a row by more than two percent. The domestic demand is still a major economic driver, while orders from abroad are slowly closing the gap. All in all, we have a positive economic development that also has an impact on the sensor and measuring industry.