Turnover Unchanged, Orders Incoming Up

Sensor and measuring industry remains stable

AMA Association Publishes Sensor Industry Statistics for 3rd Quarter

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polled its 480 members on the economic development in the third quarter of 2014. The mostly small and medium-sized enterprises generated revenues to the same amount as in the previous quarter. Comparing the 3rd quarter of this year with the result of the previous year, the sector achieved a gain in revenue of 7 percent. 


With an increase of 2 percent in orders incoming, compared to the results of the previous quarter, the sensor and measurement industry's outlook for the overall annual results are positive. “Based on the current quarter's results and the outlook to an annual growth of 7 percent, our sector of industry is looking at a positive fiscal year, despite the cautious prognosis for the German industry as a whole,” says Thomas Simmons, AMA General Manager, summarizing the current results.


According to the statistics of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German industry is presently going through a lull, as incoming orders are stabilizing. The Ministry sees the reason for this in the difficult foreign-trade environment.

Based on its current results, the sensor and measuring sector is thus a stable part of the general market development. “The results of our polls confirm the importance of sensing and measuring as basic technologies for today’s technical challenges,” states Simmons. “Our member enterprises supply all of industry, thus reflecting its economic development with a usually slightly more positive trend. We remain confident, our branch of industry is investing 10 percent of its revenue in research and development, the globe is being networked and getting smarter every day. Thus there is an ever increasing demand for innovative sensors and measuring systems,” says Simmons, explaining the continued positive mood in the sensor and measuring industry.

Moderate Growth for Sensor and Measuring Technology in 2nd Quarter

AMA Association publishes sensor-industry statistics for the second quarter

The sensors and measurement industry generated a revenue increase of approximately two percent in the second quarter of this year. Orders incoming showed a slight growth of one percent. 

After a considerable growth of seven percent in the first quarter of 2014, the AMA members attained a moderate increase of two percent compared to the results of the previous quarter.

The good economic mood of the sensor industry is reflected in the increase of orders incoming of one percent compared to the previous quarter’s results. This means a growing demand for well-trained professionals. The generally small and medium-sized enterprises in the sensor industry are expecting to hire twelve new engineers per 1,000 employee positions.


“The results of the poll for the second quarter of this year show a moderate growth of our industry,” says Thomas Simmons, AMA General Manager. “Our outlook for the rest of the year is confident in the assumption that the sensor industry will continue to grow.


Industry 4.0, until recently a topic for discussion, is now getting in gear. Production is becoming more dynamic, automation more sophisticated, and sensors and sensor systems are enabling the industry to apply more and more intelligent solutions in production.”

Sensors and Measurement Sustains Upward Trend

Sensors and Measurement Sustains Upward Trend

AMA Sensor Industry Statistics for the First Quarter of 2014

The sensor and measurement industry reports a plus in turnover for this year’s first quarter of approximately seven percent. Orders incoming rise by ten percent. The sensor technology industry is booming and plans to expand its personnel.

Berlin, June 2014—The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 member entities on their economic development every quarter. After a solid annual result for the previous fiscal year, the sensor industry’s revenues rose by seven percent, compared to the results of the previous quarter.


At the same time, orders incoming went up ten percent, again compared to the results of the previous quarter. Thanks to the full order books, suppliers and distributers plan further expansion of their personnel. According to the AMA poll, the characteristically small and medium-sized enterprises in the sensor industry want to hire 15 new engineers for every 1,000 individuals presently employed.


“With a plus in revenue of seven percent, our industry demonstrates that it’s a growth branch,” says Thomas Simmons, the AMA’s managing director. “I see the grounds for this growth in the fact that our members supply practically all branches of industry. Thanks to new technologies, more and more areas of application are being spawned. Smart cities, smart factories, smart farming, or smart metering – all of these intelligent applications in advanced technologies are smart only by virtue of sensors and measuring systems. Another aspect that our small and medium enterprises know how to exploit, is their flexibility on the market.”


In ever more networked industrial production processes, smart sensor systems, combining the detection of measuring parameters with signal conditioning and data processing in a single housing, are playing an increasingly important role. Our technological future is becoming more and more complex and complex processes are being efficiently automated by smart, adaptive feedback systems. With these positive results for the first quarter of 2014, the sensor and measurement industry has demonstrated its stability in fluctuating markets.