Stable Turnover and Orders Incoming in Sensors and Measurement

AMA Association publishes Sensor Industry Figures

AMA Association Publishes Sensor Industry Figures for Third Quarter 2016


The sensor and measurement industry emerges in the third quarter as a stable quantity with unchanged turnover and orders incoming compared to the previous quarter. 


Berlin, 7 December 2016—The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 members on their economic development every quarter. After a considerable revenue growth in the first two quarters of 2016, sensors and measurement show stabilization at a high level for the third quarter. This reflects the development of the processing industry in Germany, which hardly showed any signs of revitalization. The domestic demand here leveled off, stimulating impulses coming mainly from abroad.


Compared to the results from the third quarter of 2015, the AMA members nevertheless generated a rise in revenues of five percent. Thus, the AMA members regard the current quarter as positive, expecting an increase of two percent.


“Our sector of industry is now and will remain a stable economic quantity, and it will go confidently into the coming year,” says Thomas Simmons, AMA’s general manager. “If we look at the future-oriented projects of the federal government, such as energy efficiency, climatic urban development, sustainable mobility, Internet-based services for the economy, Industry 4.0, and secure identities, they all illustrate the challenges being tackled. And the key to advancing these projects is based entirely on data provided by sensors and measurement.”

Sensors and Measurement on the Upswing

AMA Association Publishes New Sensor Industry Figures for Second Quarter


The sensor and measurement industry recorded a further growth in turnover for the second quarter amounting to four percent as well as in increase in orders incoming of two percent compared to the previous quarter. 


The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement polls its 480 members every quarter on their economic development. After a rise in turnover of three percent in the first quarter, the AMA members showed a turnover growth of four percent in the second quarter. Comparing the turnover development of the second quarter of 2016 to that of the previous year, the sensor industry generated a growth of one percent. The orders incoming of the AMA member rose in the second quarter by two percent.


Overall, sensor and measurement again demonstrated the stability and continuous growth of a future-oriented industry. The AMA members are expecting a continued growth in turnover of four percent.


“The market statistics for our branch of industry show a reassuring, stable growth for the second quarter,” says AMA general manager Thomas Simmons about the association’s statistics. “Our industry is leading the positive development with a long-term trend in growth. Since 2010 our members have generated a rise of four percent per quarter on average – equivalent to a turnover growth of about five percent per year. With this positive development, the sensor industry remains on the rise.”

Orders Incoming and Turnover Are Up

Sensor and Measurement on course of solid growth

After a solid result of the previous quarter, a five percent growth in turnover, the sensor industry was able to attain a further surge of three percent in the first quarter of this year. Orders incoming were reported for this first quarter of the current fiscal year showing a boost of six percent compared to the previous quarter. Thus, sensor and measurement can be said to be a stable and continuously growing branch of industry.


“Sensors and measurement, with a turnover rise of three percent and a considerable boost in orders incoming for the first quarter, proves to be on a course of solid growth,” said Thomas Simmons, AMA’s general manager. “These results reflect the mood of the industry as a whole. Despite some vestiges of uncertainty in the German economy at the start of the year, the mood has brightened. This applies to our generally small and medium-sized member enterprises as well, counting with cautious optimism on a one-percent revenue increase for the next quarter.”


The AMA members envision a significant impulse for the sensor industry by future-oriented projects, such as Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.  Traditional boundaries between the branches of industry are to dissolve and value-added processes are to be transformed. Sensors will no longer just detect and process signals, but will communicate with other sensor systems. They will identify the condition of a machine based on data evaluation and will report this status early. Such approaches may well result in new and expanded business models. The AMA members are already putting such future technologies into effect. According to an AMA Association poll, 42 percent of the members are planning to implement Industry 4.0 methods and fourteen percent stated that they are already employing these methods.



Once again, sensors and measurement is demonstrating its status as a future-oriented key industry for technical innovation.