Sensor industry statistics 2011

AMA statistics

Sensor and Measuring Technology Start Confidently

The results of the AMA Association’s January Polls show an economic normalization after the considerable turbulences in the past years. Sensor and measuring technology, as key industry for technical innovation, showed a healthy growth in turnover, investments, exports, and a continuously increasing demand for qualified personnel. 


The AMA Association (AMA) polled its members on the economic development in the year 2011, and the overall result is growth. At the end of 2011 the German economy had a setback due to the uncertainties in the euro debt crisis. After a splendid start in 2011, the sensor and measuring industry’s turnover dropped as of the middle of the year and orders in the fourth quarter decreased by 1.7 percent. Despite this circumstance, AMA members achieved an increase in turnover of 15 percent. Compared with the eleven percent growth in turnover of the German industry as a whole, the sensor and measuring industry thus demonstrated its course of growth and looks forward to the year 2012 with confidence. As to the expectations for the current year, the AMA members are counting with a rise in turnover of five percent over last year’s result.


Sensor and measuring technology got a significant thrust in turnover from its increasing exports. A look at the industry’s export development shows a long-term growth. While exports in European countries show a significant growth, export in non-European countries are stagnating. “We think that it’s part of our job as an association to pave the way to markets outside of Europe. We already have close economic contacts in the growth market China today and will continue to step up these activities,” says Reinhold Rösemann, chairman of the AMA Council of Elders.


A very positive trend is the growing number of employees in sensor and measuring technology. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, employment figures for the manufacturing industry has shown no significant change for a number of years, while the sensor and measuring industry was able to augment its number of employees by 22 percent in the last six years.


More good news: During the recovery phase, sensor and measuring technology increased its investments by 16 percent, thus investing considerably more than in the previous years. In the economic year 2012, the sensor industry wants to invest four percent more than last year. This would put it in line with its growth rates before the crisis.



The results of the annual AMA January polls show considerable positive accents for the economic development in sensor and measuring technology as a key industry of technical advance.