Sensor Industry Data

Key Technology of the Entire Industry

Sensor and measuring technology is the key industry for technical advance. In automotives, entertainment electronics, consumer industry, safety and security, engineering and plant construction, or industry 4.0: There is hardly an industry in which sensors and measuring techniques are not testing, monitoring, or actuating.

Sensor and Measuring Technology as a Growth Industry

The expectations for this growth industry are high and continue to rise. The AMA Association is expecting a market volume from approximately 2,000 to 2,500 enterprises – from manufacturers to retailers, from engineering consultants to specialized service providers and institutes, all active in sensor and measuring technology. These enterprises and institutes have around 250,000 mostly highly qualified employees and a turnover of 35 billion euros per year.

High Export Quotas

Depending on the definitions and categories applied, commercial market researchers estimate a world market potential of 70 to 120 billion U.S. dollars. Thirty-five to forty percent of sensor systems made in Germany are directly exported. If we include indirect exports (machines, plants, and products with sensor systems), the export quota for German measuring systems amounts to 60–70%.