Sensors and Measurement Grows and Plans to Invest

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AMA Association presents economic development in sensor and measuring industry  

The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) polled its members on the economic development: The sensor and measurement industry can look back to an above-average fiscal year and is looking forward to a continued positive development.


The result for this branch of industry for fiscal year 2014 indicates a growth in revenue of eight percent compared to the results of the previous year and thus exceeded expectations.

The sensor and measuring industry increased its investments in 2014 by five percent. For fiscal year 2015, the AMA members are counting on a boost in investments of a hefty 24 percent. This is a clear sign for the future viability of this sector and its investment in innovation. This development is also reflected by the growing demand for more human resources. AMA members anticipate an increase in personnel by two percent for the current year.


The export quota of the AMA members rose by two percent last year. At 42 percent the overall export quota is somewhat higher than the level of 40 percent in the previous year. Exports to European countries were at approximately 24 percent, and exports to non-European countries amounted to 17 percent.

Summary: Sensors and measurement can look back and forward to positive results. AMA members count on a five percent increase in turnover, plan to boost investments by 24 percent, and want to further increase their personnel.