Sensors and Measurement: Solid Overall Results for 2015

AMA Statistic 2015
AMA Statistic 2015
AMA Statistic 2015
AMA Statistic 2015

Increased Turnover, Expanded Investments and Personnel

The sensor and measuring industry closes the last year with a five percent increase in revenue and a rise in the export quota of 50 percent. The industry has plans for solid investments this year, is counting on a continuous expansion of its personnel, and is increasingly adopting the methods associated with “Industrie 4.0” in their enterprises.


Berlin, 24 February 2016 - The AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) polled its members on the economic development. The sensor and measuring industry can look back on a solid fiscal year and predicts further positive economic development with an increase in turnover of five percent.


Last year, the sensor and measurement industry generated revenues of five percent, compared with the results of the previous year. The member enterprises in the AMA invested six percent more than in the previous year and are planning to increase their investments for the current fiscal year by six percent. Moreover, the industry is counting on a two-percent expansion of personnel for this year.

Strong Rise in Export Quota

Obvious shifts were registered in the export quota for the previous year by eight percent to 50 percent and thus considerably beyond the results of the year before. The rise of exports to other European countries amounted to five percentage points to a total of 29 percent. Exports to non-European countries amounted to a total of 21 percent, an increase of four percentage points compared to the results of the previous year.


“Industrie 4.0” Methods Planned

The AMA Associated polled its members this year for the first time on the implementation of methods associated with “Industrie 4.0” in their own enterprises. The replies indicated that 42 percent are planning to adopt these methods in their companies. Fourteen percent stated that they had already implemented such methods, while about 44 percent of the enterprises seemed undecided and as yet have no such plans.


“Our branch of industry is again proving to be a guarantor of success. Despite the recent turbulences on the markets in Russia and China and thus the resulting corrections of growth forecasts of some application industries used to their successes the worldwide demand for sensors and measuring technology remained stable and continues to grow,” explained Thomas Simmons, the AMA Association’s general manager, commenting on the latest Association statistics. “The statements we got on planning and adaptation of “Industrie 4.0” methods from the companies also indicate a future-oriented strategic focus of our mainly small and medium-sized enterprises.”


The sensor and measurement industry proved to be a stable branch of industry again in 2015. The AMA members are counting on a turnover of five percent this year, are planning to increase their investments by six percent, and are forecasting an expansion of personnel by an additional two percent. The methods associated with “Industrie 4.0” are already being adopted in the production process of our enterprises as well as in the value-added chain of products and services of the sensor and measuring technology industry.