Turnover, Investments, and Exports Are Up

© AMA Association
© AMA Association

The sensor and measuring industry was able to maintain its successful growth in all segments. The AMA members anticipate a further growth in revenue of five percent and plan to invest another five percent, compared to the results of the previous year. 


Last year, the sensor and measurement industry generated a cumulated growth in turnover of four percent. With this result, the sensor and measurement industry was able positively stand out from the development of the producing industry as a whole, which nearly stagnated last year.


This development is also confirmed by the willingness of the sensor industry to invest. In fact, the AMA members invested two percent more last year than in the previous year. The representatives of the sensor and measurement industry propose to further increase their investment by an additional five percent. At the same time, they also plan to expand their workforce by a further three percent.

Growth in German Export Quota to Other European Countries

The success of the sensor industry overall is reflected by a significant rise in the export quota by seven percentage points to 58 percent. It is thus clearly higher than the result of the previous year. Conspicuous is that the export quota to non-European countries has remained largely unchanged, while the exports within Europe soared by seven percentage points to 36 percent.

Digitizing and Networking Industrial Production

The AMA Association polled its members this year on the risks and opportunities of digitizing and networking the industrial production. A total of 88 percent of the AMA members consider the development towards Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things as a good opportunity for more growth in sensor and measuring technology, while only 10 percent of the AMA members remained undecided.


“The sensor and measurement industry is in the fast lane compared to the overall German industry,” concluded Thomas Simmons, general manager of the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement, in regard to the poll results. “If we take a look at society’s future projects, we find topics like CO2-neutral, energy-efficient, climate-adapted cities, intelligent conversion of the power supply, sustainable mobility, Internet-based services for the economy, Industry 4.0, and secure identities. These projects already show us today the challenges of tomorrow. The good news for our sensor and measuring industry is that the approaches to their solution are based on data that only sensor and measuring technology can provide and evaluate. Thus, the future has many new opportunities for our members to mold these coming changes.”


The sensor and measurement industry continued in the year 2016 on its overall path of growth. The AMA members are counting on an increase in revenue of five percent, plan on investments during the current year of five percent, and an expansion of the workforce of three percent. Digitization and networking of industrial production are regarded by the AMA members as opportunities for their own enterprises.