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RWTH Aachen
Institut für Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik 1

Sommerfeldstr. 24
52074 Aachen
Phone+49 241 80-27810
Fax+49 241 80-22392

The central research topic is the use of MEMs technologies for applications in life science and environment with a main focus on the coupling of biological systems to technical systems, the development of "intelligent" implants, protheses and catheters and the development of micro sensor and micro fluidic systems for environmental and medical applications.

Product range

D. Biological parameter

D. Fluidic application

D. Thermal application

D. Thin film technology

D. Microstructuring of silicon

D. Microstructuring of other material (glas, ceramic, metal, polymer)

D. Galvanic processing

D. Assembly and packaging

D. Micro fluidic device

D.01.03.02 Component simulation, particularly with FEM

D.01.04.01 Assembly and packaging

D.01.04.02 Packaging

D.01.04.03 Fluidic interconnection

D.04.10 Consulting in Micro Systems Technologies, MEMS

D.04.15 Technology consulting