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Delphin Technology AG

Lustheide 81
51427 Bergisch Gladbach
Phone+49 2204 97685-0
Fax+49 2204 97685-85

Delphin Technology AG develops, produces and sells innovative high-quality hard- and software products for industrial measurement and test engineering. Main applications are measurement data acquisition and analysis, quality assurance, test stand automation, vibration measurement, remote data transfer, mobile data logging & laboratory automation.

Product range

M.03.04 Transient recorder

M.03.05 Data logger

M.03.06 Modular universal measuring instrument

M.03.07 Combined measurement and control device

M.03.08 PC-based measurement system

M.03.11 Portable measuring instrument for industrial sensors

M.03.16 Further measuring equipment

M.03.17.07 Fault analyser

M. ≤ 10 V

M. ≤ 100 V

M. ≤ 1000 V

M. 0 to 20 mA

M. 4 to 20 mA

M.05.02.01 TTL

M.05.02.02 Incremental

M.05.02.03 IGBT / MOSFET

M.05.02.04 24V digital, SSI, PWM

M.05.03.01 Laboratory (RS 232, RS 485, IEEE, etc.)

M.05.03.02 Automotive (CAN, etc.)

M.05.03.05 Automation (Profibus, Interbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, etc.)

M.05.03.06 OPC UA

M.05.03.10 Modbus

M.05.03.12 SDI-12

M.05.04.01 Thermocouple

M.05.04.02 Resistance thermometer

M.05.04.03 IEPE/ICP sensors

M.05.04.04 Strain gauge

M.05.04.08 Potentiometer

M.06.01 Parametrization, visualization

M.06.02 Signal analysis, signal evaluation

M.06.05 Database

M.06.06 System integration software

M.06.07 Programming environment

M.06.08 Automation software

M.06.09 Data acquisition, measurement value acquisition

M.06.10 Vibration analysis

M.06.12 Cloud server service

M.07.13 Data storage

M.07.15 Universal display unit or operator panel

M.09.03.01 Analog measuring equipment

M.09.03.02 Digital measuring equipment

M.09.03.06 Test system

M.09.04.01 Hydraulic

M.09.04.02 Pneumatic

M.09.04.04 Chemical industry

M.09.04.06 Environmental monitoring

M.09.04.07 Energy technology

M. Oscillation monitoring device and system

M. Oscillation testing system for electrical and acoustic properties

D.01.01 General IT, software, hardware services

D.01.02.02 Test bed development

D. Signal processing and algorithm

D. Software development for measurement and testing technology

D. Automation software

D.04.12 Project planning