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Premosys GmbH

Hillstraße 14
54570 Kalenborn-Scheuern
Phone+49 6591 98311-0
Fax+49 6591 98311-10

Progressive electronic mechatronic optoelectronic systems. Premosys develops and produces optical systems for active and passive color recognition. The main focus lies here on systems for the industrial production. The range of application is the automotive industry, display production, lightning technology, food industry, printing industry, medical, pharma as well as other sectors of industry. All systems are easy to integrate. Furthermore, we attach great importance to stability and long-life cycles.

Product range

S.01.06.01 Light intensity, illumination intensity

S.01.06.03 Fiber-optic sensor

S.01.06.05 Opacity, absorption, transmission

S.01.06.06 Optical attenuation

S.01.06.07 Scattered light absobtion

S.01.06.08 Refraction

S.01.06.09 Reflection, diffuse reflection, brightness

S.01.06.10 Fluorescence

S.01.06.11 Optical density

S.01.06.13 Colorimetry

S.01.06.14 Spectral distribution 

S.01.06.15 Infrared, IR measurement

S.01.06.16 UV measurement

S.01.06.20 Contrast

M.04.06 Optical parameter

M.04.13 Optical spectrometer

D.01.02.03 Mechatronic system engineering

D. Optical parameter

D. Optical component

D. Optical lens

D. Fiber optics

D. Microoptics, integrated optics

D.02.09 Fiber optics

D.02.12 Microsensor technology

D.02.16 Integrated optics, microoptics

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators