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HEITRONICS Infrarot Messtechnik GmbH

Kreuzberger Ring 40
65205 Wiesbaden
Phone+49 611 97393-0
Fax+49 611 97393-26

HEITRONICS is manufacturer of systems and solutions for non-contact temperature measurements from -100°C to 3000°C for all branches and applications. A complete and proven Product line: Infrared Radiation Thermometer, Dual-and Multi-Wavelength Pyrometer, High-End Instruments, Blackbody Radiation Sources, Transfer Standards TRT, Line Scanner, Protection housing, Display units, Application Software.

Product range

S.01.04.02 Temperature, contactless

S.01.04.03 Temperature distribution

S.01.06.04 Radiation, radiated energy, density

S.01.06.15 Infrared, IR measurement

M.08.05 Object measurement

M.08.17 Infrared system

D.03.02.26 Further testing and calibration services

D.04.01 Measuring service

D.04.02 Rental of measuring equipment

D.04.05 Service/maintenace

D.04.07 Training-on-the-project

D.04.19 Repairs