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8712 Stäfa ZH
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Leading manufacturer of CMOS based sensor components & systems for OEM customers; Range of products: humidity and temperature sensors, liquid and gas flow sensors, mass flow controllers, differential pressure sensors; Precise, reliable & cost-effective thanks to the unique CMOSens® Technology. ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO14001 certified.

Product range

S.01.02.05 Pressure (gauge) – measuring error < 0.1 %

S.01.02.09 Differential pressure – measuring error < 0.1 %

S.01.03.16 Flow

S.01.03.17 Mass flow

S.01.03.18 Volume flow in gases

S.01.03.19 Volume flow in liquids

S.01.03.20 Flow velocity

S.01.05.01 Humidity, relative (gas humidity)

S.01.05.02 Humidity, absolute (gas humidity), dew point

S.01.05.05 Room climate

S.01.09.16 Blood flow

S.02.10 Capacitive sensing element