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75447 Sternenfels
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XRAY-LAB offers X-ray and computed tomography (CT) analysis as a service and the development of fully automated in-line inspection systems. 2D X-ray analyzes allow to inspect high quantities of components in shortest time or in line. The CT enables the digital 3D reconstruction of components to measure them non-destructively and to analyze internal defects. XRAY-LAB has sides in Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Detroit, Tuscaloosa, Bratislava and Pilsen.

Product range

M. Ultrasonic processes

M. X-ray inspection

M. Image analysis

M. Electromagnetic process, eddy current process

M. Optical 3-D measuring process, dimension testing system

M. Further testing processes

M. Volume - error

M. Wall thickness

M. Surface - error

M. Surface - layer thickness

M. Surface - deformation

D.01.02.01 Measurement techniques and processes

D.03.02.20 X-Ray inspection

D.03.02.21 X-Ray, 2D/3D