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Silicon Saxony e.V.

Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 20 F
01099 Dresden
Phone+49 351 8925-888
Fax+49 351 8925-889

The Silicon Saxony e. V. - with about 350 members - is the largest high-tech network in Saxony and one of the largest microelectronics and IT clusters in Germany and Europe. As a self-financed association, Silicon Saxony connects manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, universities / colleges, research institutes, public institutions and industry-relevant startups in Saxony. The thematic focus of the cluster is on the technological trends of the present and the future.

Product range

D.04.14 Consulting for marketing, advertisement, public relations, sales

D.04.16 Consultance in financial-support programmes

D.04.20 Representation of interests

D.04.23 Further general contracting services