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DIAS Infrared GmbH

Pforzheimer Str. 21
01189 Dresden
Phone+49 351 896 74-0
Fax+49 351 896 74-99

Development, manufacturing and sales of industrial non-contact temperature measurement technology: uncooled fixed infrared cameras PYROVIEW, infrared line cameras PYROLINE, pyrometer PYROSPOT, complete infrared system solutions for early fire detection, portable infrared cameras, calibration sources, pyroelectric sensors. Calibration and R & D services.

Product range

S.01.04.02 Temperature, contactless

S.01.04.03 Temperature distribution

S.01.06.15 Infrared, IR measurement

S.01.10.07 Carbon dioxide, CO2

S.02.20 Pyroelectric sensing element

S.02.28 Infrared, IR measuring cell

M.03.15 Thermal imaging camera

M.04.04 Thermal and caloric parameter

M.05.04.14 Thermography, thermal imaging camera system

M.06.14 Thermography software

M.07.17 Calibrator and calibrator accessories

M.08.15 Line camera

M.08.17 Infrared system

M. Thermal imaging

D.01.02.01 Measurement techniques and processes

D. Thermal parameter

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators

D.03.02.12 Temperature sensor calibration

D.03.02.31 Further testing and calibration services

D.04.02 Rental of measuring equipment

D.04.05 Service/maintenace

D.04.19 Repairs