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LNI Swissgas SA

Route des Fayards 243
1290 Versoix
Phone+41 22 979 3724
Fax+41 22 979 3720

LNI Swissgas is a company active in gas solutions with his own accredited ISO 17025 lab. The company develop, manufacture and sell products dedicated to R&D, Quality Control and field and for applications in sensor development, APM, CEM, automotive and others. The product portfolio includes: - High precision gas calibrators/mixers according the ISO 6145 for gas standards generation - Ultra pure H2, N2 and zero air, generators in benchtop and 19" versions - Trace ozone and compounds sources with UV and permeation technology

Product range

S.01.10.01 Hydrogen, H

S.01.10.02 Oxygen O, gaseous

S.01.10.03 Ozone, O3

S.01.10.05 Nitrogen, N

S.01.10.27 Multi gas analyzer (electronic nose)

M.07.17 Calibrator and calibrator accessories

M. Exhaust gas testing equipment or testbed

M. Portable Emission Measurement System PEMS

D.03.01.08 Mass flow

D.03.01.09 Volume flow gases

D.03.02.03 Flow sensor calibration

D.03.02.05 Gas sensor calibration