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7, Stratigi Str. , Neo Psychico
15451 Athen
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ES Systems is a manufacturer of high-quality sensors based on micro-electronics technologies. With long experience developing innovative MEMS systems, our sensors solutions are produced via qualified processes in order to accurately measure gas flow, temperature and pressure. Our pressure and flow sensors stand out from the rest of the market, due to their outstanding performance at a competitive cost. ES Systems is able to deliver high-quality and reliable products, combining multiple discipline capabilities in a fast and efficient way starting from the concept and prototyping to full production.

Product range

S.01.02.04 Pressure, absolute

S.01.02.05 Pressure (gauge) – measuring error < 0.1 %

S.01.02.06 Pressure (gauge) – measuring error ≥ 0.1 %

S.01.02.09 Differential pressure – measuring error < 0.1 %

S.01.02.10 Differential pressure – measuring error > 0.1 %

S.01.02.11 Pressure drop, leakage

S.01.03.16 Flow

S.01.03.17 Mass flow

S.01.05.11 Barometric pressure, air pressure

S.02.10 Capacitive sensing element

S.03.02 Semi-finished part for sensors

M.05.04.05 Pressure in gas/liquid

D.01.01 General IT, software, hardware services