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IfTA - Ingenieurbuero fuer Thermoakustik GmbH

Junkersstrasse 8
82178 Puchheim
Phone+49 89 8392 719-0
Fax+49 89 8392 719-11

For more than 20 years IfTA has offered a wide variety of flexible, modular and user friendly vibration measurement and analysis systems. Hardware and software solutions include root cause analysis, process monitoring, condition monitoring and test engineering, in particular vibration measurement and monitoring, long-term data acquisition, rotor dynamics, data evaluation, data analysis, plant protection as well as charge measurement and signal simulation.

Product range

S.01.03.02 Wavelength, frequency

S.01.03.03 Oscillation, amplitude, vibration speed

S.01.03.04 Vibration damping

S.01.03.05 Rotary oscillation, torsional oscillation

S.01.03.08 Pulse counting, event counting

S.01.03.09 Rotational speed (r.p.m)

S.01.03.10 Angular momentum

S.01.03.11 Rotational direction

S.01.03.12 Angular velocity, rotational velocity

S.01.03.13 Angular velocity, rotational acceleration

S.01.03.23 Further dynamic parameters

M.03.03 Signal generator

M.03.05 Data logger

M.03.06 Modular universal measuring instrument

M.03.07 Combined measurement and control device

M.03.08 PC-based measurement system

M.03.11 Portable measuring instrument for industrial sensors

M.03.16.01 Spectrum analyser

M.03.17 Further measuring equipment

M. ≤ 10 V

M. ≤ 100 V

M. 0 to 20 mA

M. 4 to 20 mA

M.05.02.01 TTL

M.05.02.02 Incremental

M.05.03.01 Laboratory (RS 232, RS 485, IEEE, etc.)

M.05.03.02 Automotive (CAN, etc.)

M.05.03.05 Automation (Profibus, Interbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, etc.)

M.05.04.01 Thermocouple

M.05.04.02 Resistance thermometer

M.05.04.03 IEPE/ICP sensors

M.05.04.04 Strain gauge

M.05.04.05 Pressure in gas/liquid

M.05.04.07 Linear Variable Differential Transformer, LVDT

M.06.01 Parametrization, visualization

M.06.02 Signal analysis, signal evaluation

M.06.04 Statistics

M.06.08 Automation software

M.06.09 Data acquisition, measurement value acquisition

M.06.10 Vibration analysis

M.07.02 Data acquisition card

M.07.03 Bus system and interface

M.07.05 Wireless signal transmission (WLAN, UMTS, telemetry, etc.)

M.07.10 AD/DA converter

M.07.12 Controller

M.07.13 Data storage

M.07.17 Calibrator and calibrator accessories

M.09.04.07 Energy technology

M. Oscillation monitoring device and system

M. Further oscillation measuring and testing systems, oscillation analysis

D.01.01 General IT, software, hardware services

D.01.02.01 Measurement techniques and processes

D. Signal processing and algorithm

D. Software development for measurement and testing technology

D.01.04.09 Measurement electronics

D.04.01 Measuring service

D.04.02 Rental of measuring equipment

D.04.05 Service/maintenace

D.04.11 Engineering services