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GEIRI Europe GmbH
Intelligent Sensing & Measurement - ISM

Kantstr. 162
10623 Berlin
Phone+49 30 202156266
Fax+49 30 202156109

We research and develop smart sensing solutions for online condition monitoring of critical high-voltage infrastructures and equipment. This enables potential failure of important equipment to be recognized at an early stage and ensures safe operation of the power grid. Currently working on following smart sensing technology: • Broadband electromagnetic pulse detection and localization with GHz signal sampling and fast signal processing (possible applications: on-line monitoring of partial discharges in ultra-high voltage transformers and bushings) • Low power wireless sensor with energy harvesting (from vibrations and temperature differences) for online condition monitoring (temperature, pressure, leakage current, etc.) e.g. of HVDC converter / inverter systems • Fiber optic sensor component for condition monitoring of high-voltage lines and systems