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ColorLite GmbH

Am Mühlengraben 1
37191 Katlenburg-Lindau
Phone+49 5552 999580
Fax+49 5552 999589

Production and developement of spectral colour measurement equipment. Products: handheld, laboratory, in-/online spectrophotometers and densitometer, database software for quality control and research. Main industries: plastics, automotive, textile, leather, food, pharmaceutical and paper.

Product range

S.01.06.05 Opacity, absorption, transmission

S.01.06.06 Optical attenuation

S.01.06.09 Reflection, diffuse reflection, brightness

S.01.06.10 Fluorescence

S.01.06.11 Optical density

S.01.06.13 Colorimetry

S.01.06.14 Spectral distribution 

M.03.16.01 Spectrum analyser

M.04.06 Optical parameter

M. Quality monitoring system

D.03.02.18 Quality testing, quality assurance

D.04.02 Rental of measuring equipment

D.04.05 Service/maintenace