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LogiDataTech systems GmbH & Co. KG

Bahnhofstr. 67
76532 Baden-Baden
Phone+49 7221 97062-0
Fax+49 7221 97062-99

Manufacturer of gas detection systems with automation and communication technology: -Oxygen measurement, in environment and in-situ -Air quality monitoring, CO2, temperature, humidity, pressure -Infrared measurement (IR) -Measurement of toxic gases and vapors, -ATEX certified measuring systems -Limit monitors for analog and digital signals -Digital and bus-compatible systems in modular architecture -Development and production services

Product range

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

S.01.05.01 Humidity, relative (gas humidity)

S.01.05.05 Room climate

S.01.05.11 Barometric pressure, air pressure

S.01.10.01 Hydrogen, H

S.01.10.02 Oxygen O, gaseous

S.01.10.04 Chlorine, gaseous, Cl

S.01.10.06 Carbon monoxide, CO

S.01.10.07 Carbon dioxide, CO2

S.01.10.08 Nitrous oxides NOx

S.01.10.10 Hydrogen sulphide, H2S

S.01.10.11 Sulphur dioxide, SO2

S.01.10.12 Ammonia, NH3

S.01.10.13 Methane, CH4, natural gas, biogas

S.01.10.14 N-butane, C4H10

S.01.10.15 Propane, C3H8

S.01.10.17 Ethylene, C2H4

S.01.10.26 Refrigerants

S.01.10.29 Combustible (flammable) gases

S.02.28 Infrared, IR measuring cell

S.02.34 Semiconductor gas sensing element

S.02.44 Electrochemical gas sensor

S.02.45 Heat tone sensor

S.03.25 Interface module

S.03.26 Communication module, wire-bound

M.03.05 Data logger and radio transmitter

M.03.14 Gas system threshold monitor

M.04.10 Gas concentration

M.04.14 Multi gas (Ox, Tox, Ex)

M. 4 to 20 mA

M.05.03.01 Laboratory (RS 232, RS 485, IEEE, etc.)

M.05.03.05 Automation (Profibus, Interbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, openSAFETY, etc.)

M.05.03.08 ProfiNET, Ethernet/IP

M.05.03.10 Modbus

M.05.04.09 Fixed gas measurement system

M.06.13 Calibration software

D. Atmospheric parameter

D. Gas concentration

D. Software development, sensor specific

D.02.26 Contract manufacture

D.03.02.05 Gas sensor calibration