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nanoplus GmbH
Nanosystems and Technologies

Oberer Kirschberg 4
97218 Gerbrunn
Phone+49 931 90827-0
Fax+49 931 90827-19

For more than 15 years, nanoplus has been technology leader for DFB laser diodes in gas sensing. We offer monomode lasers at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm. The lasers show narrow wavelength emission (< 3 MHz) and a high side mode suppression ratio (> 30dB). Define your wavelength with 0.1 nm accuracy and contact us for detailed specifications. We look forward to discussing your project!

Product range

D.02.51 Multilayer coating

D.02.50 Semiconductor processing

D.02.48 Electron beam lithography

D.02.49 Photo lithography and embossing

S.02.25 Optoelectronic element

S.02.34 Semiconductor gas sensing element

S.03.16 Laser System

S.03.13 Light source