• Sensors for a safe trip
    intelligent braking system thanks to
    sensor and measuring technology
  • Protecting what we hold dear
    sensors see what we do not
  • Environmentally friendly transportation
    sensors and measuring technology paves the way
    for electric cars and vehicle networks
  • Greater safety in traffic
    sensors and measuring systems
    for intelligent traffic control 
  • Getting it to the right place at the right time
    sensor and measuring technology
    enables state-of-the-art logistics

AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement



Linking Innovators

the leading network and representative of the interests of the key industry in technical innovations.

AMA is the first contact for sensor and measuring technology and provides a comprehensive overview of sensors, measuring, and testing technology in its detailed industry directory. The Association cultivates an innovation dialog at the leading trade fair SENSOR+TEST, at community stands of major fairs worldwide, and at the science conferences. AMA also offers technology seminars and theme days focusing on topics in the area of sensor and measuring technology.