The AMA Association’s competence reflects the joint work of the AMA members at trade fairs, in study groups, and in committees. Be it at the SENSOR+TEST, on the AMA Science Board, or at the AMA Vocational Training Facility, all topics are dealt with in open discussions among the members. The AMA links innovators.

As an AMA member you profit from the following benefits:

  • You can take part in the innovation dialog of the sensor and measuring industry actively – as an exhibitor you get special conditions at the Association’s SENSOR+TEST trade fair.

  • Test new markets – get special conditions at all AMA Centers in Germany and abroad, at the Hanover Fair, the SPS IPC Drives, or SIAF in Guangzhou.

  • Be well informed on the latest developments in the industry – you will receive detailed statistics on the sensor and measuring market, the development of the industry, employment, investments, media access by the trade-fair visitors, etc.

  • Expand your background knowledge and update your specialized know-how – you will get special conditions for seminars offered by the AMA Training Facilities. 

  • Of course you will also receive all AMA publications and the quarterly AMA newsletter Sensor Technology Today free of charge.

  • Strengthen the political representation of the sensor and measurement industry’s interests – support the key industry for technical innovation with your membership.