Cooperation for an Expanded Network


The AMA cooperates closely with other associations, trade journals, and other important partners in sensor and measuring technology.




IVAM Fachverband für Mikrotechnik e.V.

Fachverband für Mikrotechnik

Being an international association of companies and institutes in the field of microtechnology, nanotechnology and advanced materials, we make every possible effort to create essential competitive advantages for our members.

ZVEI e.V., Zentralverband d. Elektrotechnik-u. Elektronikindustrie e.V.

AMA MEDIA Partnerships


messtec drives Automation

As the subtitle "measure – control – drive – test" describes, this title combines all aspects of automation technology in a single magazine. messtec drives Automation – Portal der professionellen Messtechnik

mpa – messen, prüfen, automatisieren


SENSOR MAGAZIN provides information to engineers and scientists who develop, manufacture and use sensors and actuators. The trade journal reports on the application of sensor and actuator technology in all branches of industry
as well as in institutes and laboratories.:

tm – Technisches Messen