The AMA has linked up 70 scientific institutes which are represented by the AMA Science Board. The members of this board are committed scientists from technical and other universities as well as from research institutes.

The AMA Science Board focuses on research and development, vocational and advanced training, SMSI Conference and the international open-access Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems. It also initiates funding and support programs. The Association bestows the AMA Innovation Award every year for exceptional developments in sensor and measuring technology. The jury, consisting primarily of members of the AMA Science Board, awards prizes for innovative, market-relevant projects in sensor and measuring technology since the year 2000.

Since 2021, the former AMA Conferences will be integrated in the new Sensor and Measurement Science International (SMSI) Conference. Besides the former pillars, SENSOR and RS2, summarized as “Sensors and Instrumentation,” it will now include the additional scientific topics “Measurement Science” and “Metrology Transfers.”


A parallel poster session in the AMA conference area will deal with further cross-disciple research approaches.


AMA Science


The AMA Association publishes new research results of various scientific conferences on the topic of sensor and measurement technology in the science portal: