The AMA Association regularly publishes brochures and other publications on specific subjects. These topics could be about the Association itself, about products developed by our AMA members, or the current trends in sensor technology. Here you can find all kinds of information dealing with the key industry for technical innovation. You can download these AMA publications free of charge.


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Sensor Technologien 2022

Sensor Trends _ AMA Studie

Themen der AMA Studie ‚Sensor Technologien 2022‘: Anforderungen an Sensorik, generelle Entwicklungstrends bei Sensoren, Sensorkomponenten und Fertigungstechnologien. Die Verbandsstudie zeigt Chancen neuartiger Technologie- und Anwendungsfelder auf. Die Studie ist als Print-Version für 80,00 Euro oder als pdf-Datei gegen Schutzgebühr von 12,00 Euro erhältlich.


Inhaltsverzeichnis Sensor Technologien 2022


AMA Studie erwerben: Sensor Technologien 2022

AMA Industry Directory for Sensors and Measurement Technology 2018/19

The detailed Sensor Industry Directory gives you an overview of the products and services provided by our AMA members: For research and development, production or distribution, supplier or service provider – the AMA links innovators and provides advice on technical questions dealing with sensor and measuring technology.


AMA Industry Directory for Sensors and Measurement Technology 2018/19

Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS)

Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS) is an international open-access journal dedicated to science, application and advancement of sensors and sensors as part of measurement systems. The emphasis is on sensor principles and phenomena, measuring systems, sensor technologies and applications. 
Journal of Sensors and Sensor Systems (JSSS)