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Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG with its headquarters in Ebnat-Kappel in Switzerland is one of the globally leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors. IST AG specializes in the development and manufacturing of temperature sensors, thermal mass flow sensors, humidity sensors and modules, conductivity sensors and biosensors. In addition to standard sensors, IST AG offers customer-specific adaptions of the sensors based on your individual application needs – including the common development of new technologies.

Product range

S.01.01.16 Float Switch

S.01.02.10 Differential pressure – measuring error > 0.1 %

S.01.02.11 Pressure drop, leakage

S.01.03.16 Flow

S.01.03.17 Mass flow

S.01.03.18 Volume flow in gases

S.01.03.19 Volume flow in liquids

S.01.03.20 Flow velocity

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

S.01.04.04 Heat quantity, heat consumption

S.01.04.05 Thermal conductivity

S.01.05.01 Humidity, relative (gas humidity)

S.01.05.02 Humidity, absolute (gas humidity), dew point

S.01.05.03 Material humidity

S.01.05.05 Room climate

S.01.05.09 Wind velocity

S.01.05.10 Wind direction

S.01.05.13 Wind chill temperature

S.01.08.07 Electrical conductivity

S.01.09.01 Electrochemical conductivity

S.01.09.09 pH value

S.01.09.10 Water content in oil

S.01.09.12 Gas bubbles in liquids

S.01.09.19 Body temperature

S.01.09.21 Glucose

S.01.09.22 Lactate

S.01.09.23 Metabolites

S.01.10.36 Further gas sensors, gas concentration

S.02.03 Resistive sensor element

S.02.05 Thin film measuring cell

S.02.07 Thermoresistor

S.02.10 Capacitive sensing element

S.02.34 Semiconductor gas sensing element

S.02.35 Semiconductor temperature sensing element

S.03.01 Special material

M.04.09 Chemical, biological, medical parameter

M. ≤ 10 V

M. Further analog voltage signals

M. 4 to 20 mA

M.05.02.05 Further digital signals

M.07.04 Cables, connectors, accessories for digital signal transmission

D.01.02.01 Measurement techniques and processes

D. Thermal parameter

D. Atmospheric parameter

D. Meteorological parameter

D. Chemical parameter

D. Biological parameter

D. Medical parameter

D. Gas concentration

D. Sensor development for further parameters

D. Substrate material

D. Housing

D. Active component

D. Passive component

D. Thick film technology

D. Thin film technology

D. Microstructuring of other material (glas, ceramic, metal, polymer)

D. Micro fluidic device

D.01.03.11 Fluid simulation

D.01.04.01 Assembly and packaging

D.01.04.02 Packaging

D.02.02 Thick film technology

D.02.03 Thin film technology

D.02.11 Microsystems technology MST / Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems MEMS

D.02.12 Microsensor technology

D.02.14 Microfluidics, micropneumatics

D.02.35 Molding-, micro molding technology

D.02.37 Connector, cable technologies

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators

D.02.44 Electronics manufacturing service, EMS

D.02.51 Multilayer coating

D.02.55 Chemical, electroless metallization

D.04.06 Training, continued education

D.04.07 Training-on-the-project

D.04.15 Technology consulting

D.04.22 Microelectronics consulting