The AMA is the network of the key industry for technical innovations. It links up science and industry, resulting in major impulses for the joint development of innovative solutions now and in the future.

The competence of the AMA Association is based on the joint effort of the AMA members in various study groups and committees. On the Science Board or in Sales & Marketing, the major topics are discussed in open sessions, providing the foundation for the AMA’s policies. The work of the AMA committees also includes the development of concepts for various statistics and polls on the economic status in the industry, the access of media, or the development of employment.  

AMA – a Lean Organization with a High Degree of Technical Competence

Honorary officers, such as the members of the AMA Executive Board, the Council of Elders, and the Science Board, are voted into office or confirmed in the Annual General Meeting. The services of all officers are voluntary and unsalaried. The AMA bundles competence and utilizes short decision paths, but paramount are always solutions to the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises and institutes. The AMA links up science and industry and generates the Association’s activities drawing on the competence and commitment of its members.