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Perinet GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 29
12489 Berlin
Phone+49 30 863206 700
Fax+49 30 863206 761

Perinet develops innovative electronic and electromechanical components as well as software to seamlessly connect sensors and actuators to IT-systems via hybrid single-pair ethernet. Direct, fully encrypted communication with each sensor and actuator in the field facilitates operational access to relevant process-management data in a wide range of use cases. Our solution is implementable in new or – as a retrofit – established settings. Additionally, we advise clients on sensor2cloud solutions.

Product range

S.03.23 Sensor interface IC

S.03.25 Interface module

S.03.26 Communication module, wire-bound

S.03.31 Connector

S.03.34 Power supply

M.05.03.06 OPC UA

M.05.03.13 Network protocols

M.06.06 System integration software

M.06.09 Data acquisition, measurement value acquisition

M.06.12 Cloud server service

M.07.01 Electronics general

M.07.03 Bus system and interface

M.07.04 Cables, connectors, accessories for digital signal transmission

M.07.14 Power supply voltage, power supply current

D. Signal processing and algorithm

D. Software development, sensor specific

D.01.04.01 Assembly and packaging

D.01.04.02 Packaging

D.01.04.03 Fluidic interconnection

D.01.04.05 Communication interface

D.01.04.06 System development embedded system

D.04.10 Consulting in Micro Systems Technologies, MEMS

D.04.13 Business consulting

D.04.15 Technology consulting