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Reckmann GmbH
Mess- und Regeltechnik

Werkzeugstr. 21/23
58093 Hagen
phone+49 2331 3501-0
fax+49 2331 3501-70

Thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, miniature mineral insulated thermocouples in diameters of 0,5 / 0,35 / 0,25 and 0,15 mm from own production. Compensation cables, thermocouple extension cables, plug connectors for thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. Temperature sensors for use in explosive endangered areas with ATEX permission no. BVS 05 ATEX ZQS/E 156, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 + DIN 14001:2009 accredited calibration laboratory according to DIN EN 17025.

S.01.04.01 Temperature, with contact

S.02.07 Thermoresistor

S.02.21 Thermocouple

S.02.22 Thermocouple equalization lead

S.03.31 Connector

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators

D.03.01.11 Temperature

D.04.01 Measuring service

D.04.15 Technology consulting