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Induk GmbH

Giebel 30
42329 Wuppertal
phone+49 202 749988
fax+49 202 7499877

Production and distribution of hydraulic and electrical force transducers, torque sensors and load cells. Special applications in the field of force and weighing system. Development of customer designed torque test stands and material test stands. Reseller of components for dynamic weighing, S-E-G belt weigher and mass flow meter. Service for the aforementioned areas, such as commissioning, repairs and re-calibrations.

S.01.02.01 Force, load

S.01.02.02 Mass, weight, dosage

S.01.02.03 Stress, strain, elongation

S.01.02.19 Torque

S.01.03.11 Rotational direction

M.03.09 Force-displacement measuring equipment

M.04.02 Mechanical parameter

M. Microvolts

M. 0 to 20 mA

M. 4 to 20 mA

M.05.03.01 Laboratory (RS 232, RS 485, IEEE, etc.)

M.05.03.05 Automation (Profibus, Interbus, Ethernet, EtherCAT, openSAFETY, etc.)

M.05.03.10 Modbus

M.05.04.04 Strain gauge

M.05.04.05 Pressure in gas/liquid

M.06.01 Parametrization, visualization

M.06.09 Data acquisition, measurement value acquisition

M.07.04 Cables, connectors, accessories for digital signal transmission

M.07.15 Universal display unit or operator panel

M. Force

M.09.02.05 Fluid power test stand

M.09.03.01 Analog measuring equipment

M.09.03.02 Digital measuring equipment

M.09.04.01 Hydraulic

M. Tensile, pressure, bending

M. Mass force (static, dynamic)

M. Electromechanical

M. Software

M. Force transducer

D.01.01 General IT, software, hardware services

D.01.02.01 Measurement techniques and processes

D.01.02.02 Test bed development

D.01.02.03 Mechatronic system engineering

D. Mechanical parameter

D. Electrical or magnetic parameter

D. Connector

D. Software development for measurement and testing technology

D. Software development, sensor specific

D.02.01 Strain gauge technology

D.02.22 Mechatronics

D.02.41 Other services concerning sensor systems and actuators

D.03.02.18 Quality testing, quality assurance

D.04.01 Measuring service

D.04.02 Rental of measuring equipment

D.04.05 Service/maintenace

D.04.06 Training, continued education