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The contenders 2020

The AMA Innovation Award is one of the most renown prizes in the area of sensors and measurement. It is presented annually by the AMA Association. All accepted submissions are published with a brief…

The contenders 2019

The AMA Innovation Prize is awarded once a year by the AMA Association for Sensor Technology and Measurement Technology for special developments in the field of sensor technology and measurement…

Sensor Industry Statistics 2019

Statistics of the economic development of the sensor and measurement technology sectors for the year 2019 and outlook 2020

Quarterreports 2019

AMA Associations polls its members on economic development every Quarter

AMA Press Releases 2019

AMA Association for sensors and measurement technology is the network and rapresentative of the sensor sector. Her are press releases with topics about sensors and measurement technology

AMA Innovation Award 2018 - the contenders

AMA Innovation Award for Innovations in Sensor and Measuring Technology

AMA Innovation Award 2017 - The contenders

AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement (AMA) bestowed the AMA Innovation Award

AMA Innovation Award 2016 - The contenders

41 innovate research and development teams submitted first-rate development projects competing for the AMA Innovation Award 2016

AMA Innovation Award 2015 - The Contenders

AMA Innovations Award 2015

AMA Innovation Award 2014 - The Contenders

AMA Innovation Award 2014
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